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Title: The Headmasters Spanking Duties

British Punishment Video Catalog You are a naughty, bad schoolgirl in pigtails, dressed in a white blouse, sexy/lacy white bra, pleated short skirt, no panties, and white socks. You enter my office, called in because you have been under suspicion of smoking - and even more incriminating, of possible sexual activities, both with boys and girls.

I am the school Headmaster, at what I call the Private School for Rich Bitches. I am called Headmaster with good reason. There have been whispers that I administer strict discipline in my office, spanking or maybe more, and even rumors that girls have sucked my cock or done other sexual favors under penalty of expulsion and blackmail. Nothing has ever been confirmed, and I am known as a demanding but fair Headmaster. I have just returned from lunch, of roasted duck and garden vegetables when you enter my office, with it's dark wooden panels, a large desk, and very comfortable furnishings, even a couch and a bench with a padded leather seat.

I sit at my desk with a report in one hand and a ruler on the desk. You are told to stand before me, and you slightly bow your head, as I tell you what a bad girl you are, and go down the report, line by line, telling you how you need strict discipline to improve. I talk about the allegations that you have been engaging in sex with boys and girls. You just stand there, your pussy tingling, starting to get wet, not knowing if I will expel you, of maybe force you to gratify me sexually in order to stay.

You like the school, and you know that I am in power here. I ask about the smoking, and you deny it. I ask about sexual activities with girls, and you hesitate, your pussy wet and tingling. I ask about sex with boys and you say what's wrong with that? Not mentioning getting spanked hard and used orally by a bunch of boys.

I tell you that because of these concerns, it's my duty to spank you, since you have been so bad. When you enter the school, your legal guardians sign a paper allowing me to act in loco parentis, in the place of a parent, and I am allowed to administer discipline as I see fit, with no legal consequences. Now you are getting really aroused, your pussy is all wet. You love to be spanked, and the very idea gets you wet, with throbbing pussy lips, ready for sex in any form. I move my chair back, and have you get over my knee, so your feet are to my right, your head down and to my left. Your ass is now ready to be spanked. I detect the faint scent of your sweet, hot pussy.

I slowly raise your skirt to reveal your bare bottom, and tell you that you are a VERY bad little girl to have no panties on! Who raised you to go around with no panties on what so ever. You are a very bad girl! It's like you are saying to anyone, come here and use me!! Secretly, I am getting turned on by it, and really want to spank you hard. You say nothing, but worry that your pussy juice will start getting on my pants as I spank you. Your heart is beating faster, and you are eagerly awaiting me to begin spanking your naked little girl ass.

Spanking Videos Corporal Punishment
Spanking DVDs

I tell you I will spank you with the ruler to start. It's a standard twelve-inch wooden ruler, flat on the back and beveled on the front. I start spanking your tight tush with the back of the ruler, pretty hard until your ass cheeks start to get pink, then I put the ruler aside, and spank you with my hand. My long fingers are spanking each of your ass cheeks separately, and sometimes spanning both ass cheeks as I spank. I curve my hand to match the shape of your buttocks, to deliver a more effective spanking. I spank you until you are very pink, and your ass is very warm to the touch. You are squirming, but enjoying the discipline.

Once you have been sufficiently disciplined, I tell you to stand before me, and explain that you have handled this discipline well. I tell you to close your eyes, put your hands behind your back, and tell nobody about what I will do next, or there will be severe consequences. You are ready for whatever I want to do. You are hoping I might fuck you, eat your pussy, or make you suck my cock. You are really turned on by the idea of getting fucked by me.

You are very pretty and have aroused me. I take my fingers and slide them just inside your wet and throbbing pussy lips, using my thumb to stimulate your hard, wet, waiting clit, rubbing your pussy, running my hands inside your blouse, feeling up your tits and playing with your nipples. I undo your blouse one handed, tell you to take it off along with your bra, and don't stop for a moment as you do. I keep it up, and then tell you to lie on my desk, lift up your legs, and spread them for me. I lean over and start licking your pussy, clit and running my tongue into your tasty, creamy pussy until you are panting and holding my head. I then start licking your clit as I finger your vagina, until you are just ready to cum, and with vigorous fingering of your pussy and clit, I make you climax right there on my desk.

Then I have you stand up, take off your skirt, and blindfold your eyes. I grab your wrists firmly, lead you to the bench and tell you to get on it on your stomach. I get some rope and tie your ankles, knees and thighs together, take my cock out of my pants, and get you ready to service me orally. I chain your wrists behind you with a small, smooth chain. Your arms and legs are immobilized. You are ready and eager to service me any way I want. The idea of such an experienced, mature man using you is a super turn on, so much different than those young boys! My erection stands straight up, and your mouth is open to start sucking my cock as I kneel at one end of the bench. You are licking and sucking as I start again to spank you. I love to spank as I'm getting sucked.

I take your pigtails, and hold them like reins, moving your head & mouth up and down my cock to maximum effect. I allow you to suck me to orgasm as I please. I cum in your warm eager young mouth as I hold one pigtail and spank you hard. You swallow my load, and keep sucking and licking until my erection subsides. Even as I come I also want to fuck you sweet tight young little pussy and think about some anus play as well. When I pull out of your mouth, you purse your lips, and I give you a soft kiss... I'm hoping you will be a bad girl again, so you will be sent to my office and I can have you over my knee for another spanking, and use you for more sex.

I slowly untie you, remove the blindfold, and let you get dressed. I swat your ass just before you put your skirt on, and you smile. As you leave, I am smiling as I close my door behind you.

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